‘fraid so

Fear. At one point or another it grips. It chokes. It immobilizes. It gnaws. And it can have a nasty habit of lingering.

But, why? What births my fears? What perpetuates them and feeds them?

In “Hinds’ Feet On High Places” we join Much-Afraid (how appropriate) on her pilgrimage from the Valley of Humiliation to the High Places.

“As she sat listening in the cottage, Much-Afraid knew with a pang of agonizing pain that the Shepherd was calling her to go with Him to the mountains. This was the secret signal He had promised, and He had said that she must be ready to leave instantly, the moment she heard it. Now here she was, locked inside her own cottage, beleaguered by her terrible Fears and unable to respond in any way to His call or even to give any sign of her need.”

Whether it is fear of man, of God, or of even self, fear locks us inside our cottage, and we’re unable to respond or give any sign of need.

As I begin to process through fear and its manifestations in my life, I’m going to start with what it is not. And will each day (at least that’s the plan…) take a look at who I am in Christ. Sans fear.

So as we start this journey, what do you fear?

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One response to “‘fraid so

  1. Dear Jamie,
    I love your words! As the days move forward, as we focus on Christ, I believe fear will fade and God will replace fear with hope. I love you.

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