on a dollar a day

On a Dollar a Day by Christopher Greenslate: Book CoverAnother read for the summer stemmed from a session at the 2010 Reynolds Institute. Author, Christopher Greenslate, a journalism teacher in the San Diego area, attended the institute in 2008 and spoke to our group on how to translate everything we learned to the classroom.

Upon returning home from the Reynolds Institute in 2008, he and his girlfriend, Kerrie Leonard decided to eat on only $1 a day for a month and chronicled their experiment on their blog. It ended up exploding, and their experiment became national news.

Along with eating on $1 a day for a month, the two completed two more experiments. One month eating on the food stamp allotment, which totaled $4.13 a day and one month on eating a healthy diet, no matter the cost.

No only do they detail their experiences, they explore the greater issues at hand. Food production, distribution and consumption. Eating healthfully in poverty-stricken areas. Living on a strict budget. Surviving on food stamps. Limited food options. Obesity. The mark-up of foods.

While these experiments opened their eyes to a myriad of social justice issues that are, surprise, surprise, rarely talked about, Greenslate and Leonard offer suggestions for “sowing seeds of progress.”

  • Stay Informed
  • Know Your Community — Become aware of the needs and seek out organizations that are working to aid the problem.
  • Be the message and take action — I think I am most looking forward to investigating a CSA program, Community Supported Agriculture. Cedar Park has a farmers market that I have yet to peruse. That is a must on my to-do list. Some CSA programs allow you to sign up with local farmers and pay a fee to pick up fresh produce.



One response to “on a dollar a day

  1. Interesting review. I had not heard about the $1 a day but have to admit that I am terribly intrigued. Good luck with finding a CSA. Localharvest.org is a great resource to find one close to you.

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