work it, girl.

Aunt Do is seated in front, rockin' the pink dress.

 Some might say that beauty fades with age. But I think my great-aunt, Mary Jo Wells or Dodie, as our family calls her, would disagree.   

Aunt Do claimed the title of Miss Rock Creek not as a teenager or a young woman, but at the ever-so-young age of 92. 

You heard me. Not only did my 92-year-old great-aunt win the Miss Rock Creek title, but she advanced to the Ms. Hopkins County Senior Classic Pageant at the Sulphur Springs Senior Citizens Center and came in second place. 

Not bad, Aunt Do. Not bad. 

She shared a reading for her talent portion and even dyed her hair platinum blonde for the occasion. Each contestant submitted their philosophy on life and participated in an interview. 

I don’t know what Aunt Do wrote in her philosophy, but this is what I do know. She raised my grandma after their mother passed away. She never forgets a birthday. Ever. And even though she can barely write, she still signs her name to each card, “love, aunt do.” She was an expert homemaker. Needlepoint. Pickles. Preserves. You name it. And she has many blue ribbons from the county fair to prove it. One of my favorite things about Aunt Do is that before you get off the phone with her, she sings a verse or two from “Everyday with Jesus.” 

“Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. Everyday with Jesus I love him more and more. Jesus saves and keeps me and he’s the one I’m living for. Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.” — That song is so her. 

So Aunt Do went home with a new hair-do and a new title, not to mention a sash, certificate and trophy. 

“She went for a radio interview and TV interview last week. She even sang on the radio and TV and at the county pageant,” son Johnny Wells said.  “She is doing well and seems to enjoy wearing her tiara and sash to events, and she plans to ride in all the local parades as Miss Rock Creek.” 

You go girl. 

For the complete story…check out the Sulphur Springs News Telegram


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