Yes Toby, There is a Santa Claus

Free time.

It’s a luxury. Or sometimes its a curse. It can get you into trouble. A lot of trouble.

I can’t decide if it was the compounded stress of my first yearbook deadline or I had my camera or the fact that my calendar and to-list was empty for the time being. Whatever the case, I turned my free Wednesday evening into quite a production.

My mom asked me to take a couple of pictures of Toby in his Christmas sweater. Toby is the Ray family mascot – a very large and in charge kitty kitty. And yes, Toby has an outfit for each season. The Ray women know how to accessorize.

But instead of squeezing Toby into his very tiny red sweater, snapping a couple of frames and calling it a night, I turned my little window of free-time into an extravagant winter wonderland photo shoot complete with hand-made snowflakes and Christmas trees, all the while channeling the very best of Martha Stewart. I even recruited Miss Bonnie and Mr. Steve to hold backdrops and lamps. Talk about family bonding over the holidays.

So here is a little taste of our evening.

Take one…

"I'm not sure what to do in this sweater. Maybe if I don't move..."

Take three, and we’re already losing focus.

"Oooh. What's this?"

And take four. It’s going downhill fast.

"I can't....quite...reach..."

After readjusting and refocusing, take 17.

"Snack time. My cousin Hazel licks the wall. Why can't I chew on a Christmas tree?"

We’re going nowhere fast. So let’s throw a hat and beard into the mix. Take 32.


And finally, take 55. The money shot.

"Merry Christmas!"

Forget Black Friday, you are now officially ready for the Christmas season. 

So how do you spend your free time?


3 responses to “Yes Toby, There is a Santa Claus

  1. Toby looks absolutely smashing in his Christmas sweater. I bet he gets all of the lady felines at his holiday Catmas parties.

  2. Are you back into the blogging? Regretfully, I still have not made key lime pie.

    I agree. Toby is looking pretty sharp. Nice props too.

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