dear santa,

Dear Santa,

Please help Maximilian to not be naughty during Christmas.

Thank you,


Editor’s Note: Maximilian has survived two weeks in his new home. He already acts like he owns the place, and he got a clean bill of health at his free wellness checkup. He appears to be the perfect pet, except…except that he has an affinity for electrical cords. When it comes to  snack time for Max, he doesn’t run for his Wild West Crunch Party Mix. No, he runs for the TV cable, electric blanket cord, the laptop cord…you name it.

I went to turn on my TV last week, and the satellite signal did not come through. Lo and behold, Max had made a meal out of the cable. Roaming the aisles of Lowe’s, I refused to pay $29.99 for a cord protector, when my Papa came up with a brilliant plan…use a dishwasher hose. So I am happy to report that we have outsmarted Max, at least for the time being. If Maxi tries to chomp on the dishwasher hose that’s protecting my TV cable, he might chip a tooth. But I guess that would be better than a fried kitty.


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