how to: mustache on a stick

Some days, the paparazzi is just too much. Each time you step out of the house, Lady Gaga belts, “papa-paparazzi.”

How can you cope? Donning the perfect disguise, of course.

Or you might be a fella whose whiskers are stuck in a pre-pubescent state, hoping to one day to sprout facial hair as iconic as Einstein, Geraldo or even the beloved Colonel of KFC.

Or better yet, maybe you need a little flair to help ring in the New Year.

Enter — the mustache on a stick — the perfect photo booth prop.

1. Download and print a mustache template or if you’re fancy, draw your own.

2. Purchase your supplies at your local craft store. Dowels, heavy duty felt (we don’t want any saggy staches), scissors and a hot glue gun.

3. Cut out your felt mustaches using your template.

4. Attach the mustache to a dowel using hot glue. Remember to make right and left-hand versions. Pictured below – the cowboy, the gentleman, the villain, the captain and the painter.

5. Ta-da! An inexpensive, easy way to spruce up any party or photo booth.

Editor’s Note: Mustache or moustache? We’ll go with American English, not British so mustache prevails.

3 responses to “how to: mustache on a stick

  1. This is why I love you Jamie Ray!! This post makes my heart smile and thank the Lord for our friendship!! We should all sport these on a regular basis–not just for photo booths!!

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