maximilian: angel or not?

I’ve always said you really don’t know someone until you live with them. That goes for roommates, husbands and in my case, pets.

This is what I’ve learned about Maximilian the past month. You can decide for yourself if he’s an angel or not, but I guess he’s a keeper.

 1. Max still finds electrical cords  delectable. My morning routine now includes unplugging my bedside lamp. He even went so far as to dig the cord to my electric blanket  up from the covers I thought I had so strategically stashed it under. I wake up one morning to find Max stretched out next to me having a heyday with the wire. It’s like he has a sixth sense or specialized radar to sniff out the electric current. I’m using a spray bottle and swats on the nose, but this is a slow go. I just know one day I’m going to have hooligans for children.

2. Max is a big boy. And just like me, he likes to eat. So instead of waiting for breakfast, Max breaks into the pantry and finds his bag of Purina One. I knew better when I heard rustling in the middle of the night, but I chose to  ignore and rolled over. So I woke up to a ripped bag of cat food. I’ll give this to him, he is resourceful.

3. My bathroom is like a beach. But instead of gorgeous white sand, I’ve got a nice two-inch layer of kitty litter, complete with blue crystals for added freshness. I sweep, sweep and sweep some more. How does it go? Cleanliness is next to godliness…I rest my case (see above photo).

1. Max has learned that when he hears the garage door open, someone is home…really all he knows is that it’s the someone who feeds him, but nevertheless, he’s always waiting at the door.

2. I have my personal, travel-sized heater.  When I’m stretched out on the couch, he always wiggles his way in. Like I said, he’s a big boy, so there’s plenty of warmth to go around.

3. He can jump really high. The day he figures out how to get on the kitchen cabinet I will have to move this trait to the previous category.

4. He wakes me up every morning and not too early. I know if my alarm clock fails, Max will be in my face.

5. He’s my buddy.


One response to “maximilian: angel or not?

  1. You know which category I would vote for…although if he allows you to sleep past 5:30 then that’s more angel than devil. However, for the habits you don’t like (i.e. chewing cords) I suggest the air-soft gun. KayLynn let us borrow hers and Ruby has never even gotten hit by the pellet. She is so scared by the sound that she runs away and the early morning crying has been drastically reduced!! Good luck!!

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