choice words

Snow fever. It spreads like wildfire. And boy did my students have it today. The two-hour day didn’t help; I think I was a little feverish myself.

When the end of the day rolled around, my newspaper staff put on their best puppy dog eyes and begged for a round (or two, or three…) of a timeless staff tradition — Catch Phrase.

Being the wordsmiths that we are, here are the highlights of fourth period.

Pre-game chatter began with a lunchroom story.

“Ms. Ray, I was at lunch today, and I might have said a profound word. And then Mr. So and So comes up to me and asks me if I would like a ticket for cussing.”

“A profound word?”

“Profane!” the staff shouted on cue.

Guessing, shouting, buzzing ensued, and well into Catch Phrase we were given this clue.

“Something girls wear to work out in.”

“Sports bra?”


“Tennis shoes?”


No, no, no and no.

The phrase? Training bra. Of course, all girls work out in training bras.

I see we have some work to do, particularly in the vocab department.


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