attn foodies: basil

While on a backyard beautification rampage at Lowe’s, I couldn’t say no to the fresh herbs. Since I’ve left the gardening to my mother who manages to grow the sweetest tomatoes, I opted for a trio of basil, cilantro and cat nip (this one is for Max, of course).

Last summer, I bought fresh basil at HEB. The cute little plant that sits in a cup of water, only to wake up the next morning to find it wilted into nothing.

What do you know,  this time around I haven’t managed to kill my plants yet.  My basil is thriving, for now at least. I’ve baked tilapia with a basil garnish and am going to try some basil nectarine lemonade. But I’m going to need some more recipes. Any suggestions? (Basil or not, I’ll take any recipe that strikes your fancy. The yearbook is finished, by the way, so that means I actually have time to cook.)


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