does it work wednesday: perfect brownie pan set

Quita Culpepper has tried it all — the Emery Cat Board, EZ Cracker, the T-Core — you name it.  Each Wednesday, the KVUE reporter tackles products of all kinds, putting those over-the-top, can’t-change-the-channel-because-I’m-so-entranced infomercial claims to the test.

So in typical Quita fashion, I tried my hand at my own “does it work” experiment with the Perfect Brownie Pan Set. I’m usually a Pyrex girl, but a yearbook staff party called for a batch of mint-chocolate brownies so I decided to put the perfect brownie to the test.

Bake, slice and share. Sounded easy enough. The instructions were clear. After placing the bottom of the pan into the mold, pour your batter and then the grid fits on top. Bake your brownies as usual.  As the directions suggest, coat everything with non-stick spray and place the pan on the cookie sheet while baking.  The brownies didn’t stick, but the pan did leak — thank goodness for that cookie sheet. Let the brownies cool for a moment, and then remove the grid. I had a batch of beautiful brownies, individually sliced and perfectly even. The perfect brownie pan did in fact produce the perfect brownie. The main drawback is you’re left with four pieces to clean, a pan that leaked and a grid that had lots of angles. Despite the cleanup, I’ll give the perfect brownie pan set a thumbs up, just like Quita.


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