polos gone bad

The polo, or if you’re Ralph Lauren, the Polo. Either way, someone has got to speak out.

There are people in this world who have every right to sport a polo…

1. those who actually play polo

2. golfers or any other athletes who participate in a leisure sport

3. men who need a shirt in 14 different colors, including pink because we all know real men wear pink or in some cases, salmon

However, there are those who should avoid polos like the plague, but for some reason, they seem to be drawn to them like flies to honey.

1. Teachers.  And they don’t just wear polos, they wear embroidered polos. My first year teaching, our Friday uniform was a royal blue polo with a giant Bobcat stitched on it — the cat was baring his teeth, like he was going to eat you for lunch — if that doesn’t say, “Welcome to Barton Middle School” I don’t know what does. But journalism teachers can be the worst. Let me not only wear a polo with the school name embroidered on it, but let me have a custom polo designed that lists all the contests I have taken my students to. “Regionals 2011” in bright gold stitching. Vogue? I think not. And for goodness sakes, please don’t subject your students to your fashion faux pas forcing them into said polo.

2. Girls over the age of seven who wear polo dresses. This is not elementary school ladies, and unless you’re a regular at the country club, I suggest we opt for plan B.

3. Frat boys. Now I understand that the polo is a staple for the average male undergrad, but here is where I lose it — the popped collar. No, it does not make you cooler or more popular with the ladies. It makes you look ridiculous. Please stop.

A brief history of the polo…

The original. Polo players donned a long-sleeve version in the 1800s.


Tennis player, Rene Lacoste aka The Alligator designs a short-sleeved version for the court.


Ralph Lauren becomes another polo icon debuting his line line with 24 colors in 1972.


And then it just goes all down hill...


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