recipe: chocolate covered dates

While in Israel, I rediscovered my love for dates — especially ones with wealthy men.

No really, date trees lined the highways in Israel, so I ate them every chance I got. Since the women in my family love chocolate in all forms, I tried out a new recipe — chocolate covered dates. It was easy, inexpensive and delicious. So if you need a little treat after dinner or with your coffee, give this recipe a try.

Chocolate Covered Dates


Dates (I just bought the Dole package in the dried fruit section)

Pecan Halves (A small bag will do)

Chocolate Bark (I used semi-sweet, since the dates are sweet by themselves)

Directions: Insert a pecan half into each date. The dates have already been pitted so it’s easy to do. Melt your chocolate in the microwave, a 1:30 or so and stir evenly. Dip each date in the chocolate and place on wax paper. Place dates in the refrigerator 30 min to an hour to set. Enjoy!

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