southern living

A few weeks back my parents and I took a road trip through Louisiana and Mississippi to Orange Beach, Alabama. I would most definitely count myself as a southerner, but there is just something charming about the Deep South.

Sweet tea. Thick drawls. Never leaving the table hungry. Magnolia trees. Saying hello to passersby you don’t know from Adam. Front porches. Oh, the front porches. Mild winters. Snap peas and cornbread. The Andy Griffith Show. Talking about the weather. Tradition. To Kill a Mockingbird. Blue grass. Inviting someone in to sit a spell.

What is your favorite thing about the South?

The Houmas House...a plantation home along the River Road in LA.

The flowers are replanted every 4-6 weeks so something is always in bloom at the Houmas House.

Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival in Foley, AL

Oakley Plantation. John James Audubon stayed here for three weeks, documenting and painting bird species for his book, "North American Birds." This was a big day in my life.

Oakley Plantation. Thanks Julie for sending us to St. Francisville.

Spanish moss gets all it's nutrients from the air and not the tree.

Walking the beach at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary on Dauphin Island, AL.

Sea oats

The beach was definitely not like Port Aransas. We have been missing out.

The Hampton Inn at Orange Beach, AL. Pretty fabulous.

Returning from Dauphin Island on the ferry.


2 responses to “southern living

  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures! And you were in our old stompin’ grounds! I’ve been on the Oakley tour at least three times. I always leave feeling spoiled that we have air conditioning instead of shuttered porches … I’ll cope. So glad you had a good vacation!

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