“words have meaning. type has spirit.”

“Type is saying things to us all the time. Typefaces express a mood, an atmosphere; they give words a certain coloring.”  Rick Poynor, Design Writer (interviewed on Helvetica)

It’s that time of year again. August is here. I might have had a slight panic attack in the school supply section of Target, so no, I am not quite ready to give up my summer schedule, but I am getting the itch to sift through typeface after typeface to find the right one for the yearbook — that’s a big committment, you know. You select a typeface, and there’s no going back, you are married for the entire year.

Check out this PBS video; I think it will make an appearance in my classroom at some point. (Thanks Kim Vinh for posting on your Facebook)

“Graphic design is the communication framework through which these messages about what the world is now and what we should aspire to is the way they reach us,” Poynor said. “The designer has an enormous responsibility. Those are the people who are putting their wires in our heads.”


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