latest fav: jenny & tyler

If you’ve never listened to Jenny & Tyler, check. them. out.

They are a husband/wife duo who reside in Nashville when they are not on tour.

“If it weren’t for Tyler, I’d probably be writing cheesy country songs and he’d be a virtual Jack Johnson impersonator,” Jenny writes on their site.

The two released their fourth album, Faint Not a while ago, I’m just behind the times and ran across it a few months back.

“Faint Not chronicles our journey of faith, from God’s pursuit of us, to first believing, to the really high highs and the really low lows; it’s an honest telling of our relationship with the Lord and with each other. As writers, songs allow us to communicate experiences and truths when we can’t find the words to speak them. Our hope is that the songs will resonate with you.”

Here are a couple of tracks. They are worth a listen. And you get can free tunes, here.

This Is Just So Beautiful

a little sparrow is serenading me, brand new melodies…

yesterday is gone
today i can see, o today i can see

my, my, my, for the very first time
i waved goodbye, bye, bye
to what used to weigh me down
my, my, my everything’s
the sun is shining down
i’m looking all around
and this is just so beautiful

Carry Me

broken-hearted i come
my cup is empty, my mouth is dry
see how quickly i
fall burdened with darkness
heavy in lies

i want to cry, but i can’t
i try to stand but i fall down again

i need You to carry me
i need You to carry me
i need You to carry me
when i am weak


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