help me, help you.

I try not use this blog as a forum to gripe, but I can’t take it any longer. There is a fashion faux pax running rampant, and someone has got to speak out.

School has been in session for three weeks now, and with each passing day my distaste for this latest trend grows. I reached my tipping point today and told one of my students she made a poor wardrobe choice, and I didn’t want to see her wear it in my room again. Yes, I went there.

So what’s the problem? Floral Keds? T-shirts with cats playing keyboards? Suede boots when it’s 100 degrees outside? No, I can stomach those slightly questionable trends  — it’s the bandage skirt I can’t swallow. No, it’s not pencil skirt classy; it’s a nightmare, and it needs to be stopped.

Help me, help you, honey. It’s not a good idea to squeeze all that the good Lord gave you into a tiny tube of knit. No amount of leg lifts or lunges are going to help that situation. So just. Say. No. Because we all know you’re going to be tugging on that skirt all the way down the hall, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. We have not all been blessed with the legs of a 5’8″ runway model, so please, I beg you, find a more flattering fit. You’re just offering the world way too much information, if you know what I mean, and we’ve got all the information we can handle right now.

There. I feel better already.

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