recipe: mango salsa

My Mama has lived by a very important rule as long as I can remember — a rule she passed down to my Mom, and a rule I now live by as well. Along with “Be careful driving” and “Always offer your house guests something to drink,” my Mama has always  said, “If it’s hot outside, it’s too hot to turn the oven on.” During the summer months, there’s no pecan pie, no casseroles, no oven. Period.

With the temps already climbing, I’m thinking cool thoughts. Hence, my new favorite recipe. There’s not much to making mango salsa, but it’s light, refreshing and can go on anything. And, mangoes are in season right now, so eat up.

Mango Salsa

2-3 mangoes (beware of the giant seed)

1/2 purple onion or Texas sweet onion

1 poblano pepper (substitute jalapenos if you need a kick)

cilantro, a handful

avocado (optional)

1 lime

chili powder

garlic salt

Chop all ingredients and mix in a bowl. Squeeze half a lime over mixture. Sprinkle with chili powder and garlic salt, or use Mrs. Dash lime and chili seasoning. Makes 4-6 servings. Serve over tilapia, chicken breasts (really great if you marinate those in lime juice), salad or tortilla chips.

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