spin a yarn

Every once in a while I get a bee in my bonnet to be crafty. It usually plays out like this: I make grandiose plans, gather the supplies and inevitably have to rally the troops (aka Mom and Mama) to help finish the job.

The yarn wreath was no different. A year ago, I saw the most precious yarn wreath, and thought to myself, “I can do that.” It has taken a year (counting the six months they sat in the closet), but I am happy to report that the wreaths are finished. I wrapped the wreaths and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more. Carpal tunnel, anyone?  This part definitely takes dedication on the part of the crafter. Did I mention it’s been a year since I started this project?

Mom and Mama, being the fine seamstresses they are, finagled the felt flowers and did an excellent job.

After a little lace and hot glue, the finished product turned out pretty darn cute. You can never go wrong with burlap and vintage buttons.


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