it’s all in the details

A week ago, I got one of those calls everyone dreads.

Per Ray family tradition, Mom and dad packed up their 27-ft. fifth wheel and were headed to Rockport for spring break. I would drive Mama and Papa down Monday to spend the week.

But I got a call early Saturday afternoon — mom and dad had a wreck. Heading southbound on 183 just on the other side of Goliad, they hit a slick spot in the road and hydroplaned — with a 27-ft fifth wheel attached to their truck. The trailer, torn up, was flipped on its side and their truck was wedged with the front end in the air.

The sheriff who has worked the county for almost 20 years said this was the worst RV wreck she has seen.

Mom and dad walked away uninjured. No broken bones, no cuts from the shattered windshield, no bruises. Nothing.

A two-ton plus trailer made a 180-degree turn across a tw0-lane highway.

If you know 183, it gets a lot of traffic. One car swerved, but no one else was hit or hurt.

They slammed into a wall of dirt.

They could have been in a ditch had they flipped on the other side of the road or off  the bridge they just crossed.

When they hydroplaned, they were driving up an incline.

And thankfully, were not going faster than 50 mph.

It took two wreckers for the job.

None of the tires exploded when the trailer was flipped back over.

The wrecker towed the truck to Victoria.

He dropped Mom and Dad off at a gas station and even made an extra trip back for some personal items left in their truck.

I drove to Victoria to pick them up.

And made it safely despite constant rain and thunderstorms.

We stopped in Luling on our way home to eat at Mr. Taco.

The owner asked about our day, and of  course, the story followed. When our bill came, Mr. Taco kindly took care of it.

I could keep going with a list of details from the week. But one thing is so clear.

God is in the details. 

From protection to provision, He is the reason I still have two parents. I’m not sure why sometimes we get to see and experience such blessings from God and why sometimes we walk through dark times where it’s hard to discern His presence, but He is there. He is sovereign. He is working the details out for our good and His glory.










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